Twinkle Khanna is one of my favorite personalities. She’s witty, she’s sharp and she doesn’t mince her words!

The beauty has made a name for herself everywhere. Becoming an actress, a star wife, creating candles, establishing her interior designing business, producing movies, turning into an author, inscribing mind-blowing columns, is there something this woman cannot do? Akshay Kumar is definitely a lucky man!

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Lately, I was reading some of her fabulous columns and just couldn’t control ending up making a full post on her writing. Her blogs are not just entertaining but at the same time full of satire, humor, reality and sharp views.

I officially have a girl crush on Mrsfunnybones now. Read these quotes from some of her latest columns in TOI and you will know why!



Why I googled Leander in a wet t-shirt

Last week as Serena played at Wimbledon, there were jokes as well as outrage that one could see her nipples through her white tennis outfit. Yes, she has nipples, I have them, my 70-yrold neighbor who wears a cotton vest under his shirt but still inadvertently flashes his nipples definitely has them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, do go ahead and judge women but use the same measures with which men are assessed — on their skill, talent, efficiency, determination, work ethic and not by the substructure of their biology.

A 5,000-year-old journey to the old you

So, in my new enlightened state, and eager to atone on behalf of my fellow countrymen, I scamper up to a gentleman at the airport bookshop, and with a big smile ask, ‘Are you an African?’ To which he replies with a strong South Indian twang, ‘Are you an idiot? ‘Oops!’

Some degrees are too hot to handle

I can never understand what goes on in our country. We have so many problems: drought, pollution, poverty, even this bloody heat wave and everyone is going nuts about the PM’s degrees. But looking at all the comical debates raging in the country, I have come to the conclusion that education and intelligence are two different entities.

Kohinoor and other British gems

A little advice to our government: Forget about the Kohinoor and ask the Brits to return our two other anmol ratans, Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi instead. Cheers Mate!

Saved or slaved by the bell?

We go to places and see them through the lens of our phone camera. We take selfies together before we even look into each other’s eyes. We call our friends less, because to press ‘like’ is not as complicated.

The machines were meant to free us. Free us from waiting in a room for the phone to ring. Free up time so we could spend it with loved ones. But now we are enslaved by the very freedom we pursued, as heads bent and eyes lowered, we look solely at our masters as we tap away.

Twinkle Kanna


Twinkle you are certainly a star!!

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If you are also impressed much, try talking to Mrsfunnybones on her twitter handle. It is totally worth the effort. Twinkle replies to a majority of people who are amusing enough and try to make intelligent conversation.

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