Kids should not be required to feel sick with the monotonous and embarrassing attire they are fit into once they enter a hospital. It is said that the atmosphere of the hospital makes you feel even sicker. Is it just said or the saying has some intense meaning behind it that we all are aware of?

The heavy gowns with light blue shade make patients sweaty. Sick kids feel like themselves again. It makes them feel like they are in the hospital and this disease is so damn torturous.

It constantly knocks their heads and says- Baby you are sick! In all, there is nothing good about those hospital uniforms then why wear it?

Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has started the WARD+ROBES initiative which operates in partnership with top brands and designers.

Source: YouTube

The official website says-

Teens are unique. Why should their hospital gowns be any different?

That’s why Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada started theWARD + ROBES initiative: a partnership with top designers to create unique gowns teens actually want to wear.

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Source: Starlight Canada

Seven slide Source: Starlight Canada

Third slide Source: Starlight Canada

Eleventh slide Source: Starlight Canada

Teens feel simply thrilled now. They have different clothes to wear. They have a reason to smile. They hope they will get well soon. What else is required?

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