Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) both are the effective strategies that drive more traffic on the website. In fact, as per the Atlanta SEO company, most of the business owners are confused that whether they should SEO techniques or PPC strategies.

But like every other thing, both the strategies include the two side of a coin. If they have advantages, there are certainly few disadvantages included.

Let’s explore these two techniques in detail!


SEO, or better said, Search Engine Optimization is a process of maximizing traffic on the website. The aim of performing SEO techniques is to improve the visibility so that it appears on the top of organic search result.

Check out the major advantages and limitations associated with SEO:

Advantages of SEO:

  • Exposure as well as credibility – Holding a higher ranking among organic search result gives a huge chance of exposure along with a credibility to the user. This allows a chance to think that the website contains a valuable and useful information because that position you have achieved without paying anything.
  • ROI potential – A survey was conducted by 10seos and the results have found that the unpaid results are more likely to get higher clicks as compared to the paid results. The better ranking will offer more clicks, leads and eventually better ROI.
  • Visibility on multiple search engines – High-quality SEO helps in achieving higher visibility on multiple search engine.

Limitations of SEO:

  • Results need time – When done correctly, SEO delivers high-quality traffic and great ROI. the only thing is, you need to make continuous SEO efforts to show results. It takes several months.
  • High Competition – most of the online businesses are implementing SEO strategies and it is difficult to achieve higher position because they might also be fighting for the same keywords. Because everyone wants to become number one.
  • Updation is a greater risk – What is working today might not produce same results after few weeks. A single update in an algorithm could harm your ranking very badly.


PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click which is a process to show the result on the top of search engine and the owner has to pay an amount of money every time when a user clicks on it. It is also known as paid search marketing.

Advantages of PPC

  • Immediate traffic – People begins to start the ad immediately after listing as it appears on the top of search results
  • No updates could harm your ranking – unlike unpaid results, you don’t have to worry when search engine rolls out the new update.
  • Targeting options – you can target your audience by showing your ad in a specific geographical area. In fact, some platforms facilitate you to target as per the age and gender.

Limitations of PPC

  • Expensive – if not set properly, PPC is quite an expensive process. It could affect your budget badly without showing a single result.
  • Need frequent testing – PPC needs lots of learning experience to deliver results. Most of the companies turn into digital marketing companies to manage the entire campaign.
  • Constant optimization required – you can’t forget it after the setup. It needs continuous optimization to keep them performing well.

Most of the SEO company in Miami use to follow both the strategies to achieve the desired results. Because the advantages are little, while the results are great!

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