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We know how important and special your wedding day is for you. A groom’s attire on this the day is the sherwani. Choosing a sherwani is a tough task, and it is even tougher to get that royal look out of the attire. So to help you with selecting a sherwani we have done some research and compiled some tips to help you get the look you want and suggest the best outfit according to your taste.

Starting with the things you should consider before investing in your special dress:

  1. Choose the pattern of your choice making sure that the sherwani is able to capture the essence of a sherwani, the royal look.
  2. On this special day, why let the bride get all the attention? By choosing a sherwani that reflects grandeur over a plain and simple one, you can make sure people adore you as well.
  3. There are many choices available in respect of fabric, design and patterns. Choose the best quality of fabrics to make sure you get the look you desire.
  4. If you like experimenting with looks, you can even try the new trendy men sherwanis which come with a modern twist.
  5. The last aspect, but certainly the most important one – the fit. You need to make sure the sherwani you wear is a perfect fit according to your body.

Wedding Sherwani online - Parivar Ceremony

Looking for ideas to rock your sherwani on the auspicious day of your wedding? No need to go anywhere else as we have compiled information on some of the best sherwani designs for men.

Pastel Colored SherwanisPastel Colored Sherwanis for men - Parivar Ceremony

Pastel sherwanis are the new cool of the year 2018 in the category of sherwanis. These sherwanis will definitely make your wedding memorable for a lifetime as they look great in pictures as well. This will be the perfect choice for summer grooms.

White and golden sherwani with Patiala salwarWhite and golden sherwani with Patiala salwar- Parivar Ceremony

This sherwani pair is a unique combination of the classic white and gold shades. For getting the best look out of this combination, we suggest you should go for a white sherwani that has cuffs and collar embroidered with gold. For a magnificent royal touch to the attire, wear this sherwani with a patiala salwar.

Elegant black and gold sherwani ideaElegant black and gold sherwani - Parivar ceremonyThe next look that caught our eyes was the combination of classy black and gold. The sherwani is a jet black sherwani with gold all over it, be it in the printed form or in the form of embroidery. Black churidar pajamas are the perfect match for this spectacular sherwani. Black and gold have been adored together for centuries and the love for this combination is not going away anytime soon.

Formal Sherwani with Leather Churidar PajamasFormal Sherwani with Leather Churidar Pajamas- Parivar Ceremony

Churidars of leather might sound quirky when you first hear it, but it looks actually great. The traditional churidars look good no doubt, but leather ones are not heard about much. And wearing these unique bottoms will make you stand out of the crowd. Talking about the sherwani, a jet black one with golden or floral print will look great together.

Add a royal touch to it by adding a broach on the sherwani.


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