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There are tons of different types of bracelets and they are a very popular wear all around the world. The reason for this is because they are very easy to wear, very versatile and also easy to store too. Check out this small guide to bangles before you buy silver bangles online.

  1. The cuff and bangle style : These are the harder types of bracelets which are typically made out of light metals, plastic but can also be made out of silver and gold. They are very easy to wear, they go with lots of different clothing styles and they make any wear look classy and more elegant. The key difference between cuffs and bangles is that while bangles are larger in style, cuffs are typically wider and tighter to stay in one place. Both cuffs and bangles are ideal for great looking decorations and they look awesome with stones. The smaller sorts of bangles are often worn alongside other bangles.
  2. Indian style bangles : Indian style bangles are very popular to wear all around the world. They are richly decorated, often made out of silver or gold and they look awesome, giving your look a definite exotic feminin edge too. The key difference in Indian style bangles to regular bangles is that they are tighter in style, so instead of slipping them on, you have to open them up then close them with the help of hinges attached to the bangle. There are lots of exquisite style bangles in Indian online jewellery stores which look astonishing with all the beautiful decorations on them, with some of them coming in unique shapes and styles.
  3. The Torc bracelets :  Torc bracelets look very unique and they are some of the oldest forms of jewellery for women. They can be made out of silver or any other metals with two or three strings generally either twisted or braided together. Torc bangles also have the characteristic that they are open ended, with each ends having a very defined form such as a ball or a cube. Interestingly torc bangles are some of the most ancient forms of jewelry out there dating back to 1800 BC when they were already worn in the ancient Egypt.
  4. Bangles for the ankles : Otherwise known as anklets, Indian traditions do allow bangles to be worn on the ankles as well, as a popular addition to a bejewelled bridal wear. Anklets can be braided, chained or beaded too. Those which are made for special occasions are generally wider and can be richly decorated. If you want to create a unique look, purchase a pair of anklets which are a beautiful addition to any women’s wear.
  5. Temple bangles : Temple jewellery is a traditional Indian style jewelry which is very fashionable to wear by women of every age. These types of jewellery are made by experienced jewellers based on what Hindu gods wear on wall murals and in other religious temple decorations. This way, a temple jewelry can also be a form of giving respect to a specific Hindu god too. Temple jewelery is beautifully adorned with coloured gemstones or crystals. They can be made out of gold, silver and can be gold plated as well.

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