Jewellery for men has always been a distinctive topic, as this particular sort of jewellery generally differs from the better-known female jewellery. This is exactly why, when it comes to finding the best or most characteristic gold plated silver & silver bracelet for men we may face a big challenge ahead of us. However, thanks to internet and the convenience of shopping online, today, the choice and variety of male jewellery is way larger than it used to be.

When you would like to look for a great present for a friendly price, then it’s great to consider either gold plated silver & silver bracelet for men or sterling silver jewellery, depending on the taste of the future owner. Buying jewellery as a gift is always a hard task, but it’s especially difficult when it comes to buying male jewellery. Let’s take on a few characteristics which you should consider, when it comes to finding the best suitable pieces for your beloved one.

The characteristics of male jewellery:

Male jewellery has to look distinctive in most cases, to show that we are talking about a manly piece of jewel. This means that male jewellery lacks the decorative elements of a female jewellery, it has to be plain and elegant, no matter if it’s thinker or thinner in style. When it comes to bracelets or rings, we will also need to keep the wearer’s size in consideration. While a thin bracelet would look perfect to be worn by someone with a thinner body frame, those who are larger, may prefer a more robust type. As for the style, we must pay attention to overall comfort. If someone’s arm is hairy for instance, then a chain style would definitely not be a good choice, as chains have the ability to catch on hairs on the arm causing a rather painful experience. The same goes for all bracelets which consist of plates or distinctive layers of any sort.

Nowadays, it’s stylish to mix the colours of gold and silver and there are several male bracelets and other types of jewellery which are also double coloured.  

silver bracelets for men

Shopping advice

When it comes to silver, go for Sterling silver as it’s the current finest and purest form of silver that’s used for the making of jewellery. If you would like to save on the price, then go for something that’s either partly or fully gold plated. When it comes to gold plated silver & silver bracelet for men, its big advantages are in its price and also in its quality. As the plate comes off due to wear, it will become a fully silver piece of jewel, which means that overall, it won’t lose of its value or quality all in all.

Designers, such as Cartier or Bvlgari are definitely the pioneers of male jewellery. Therefore if you would like to look for some inspiration, head over to their website, then try to check out something similar in look or feel to buy as a present. There are lots of upcoming online jewellery stores which have a great collection of male jewellery, particularly rings, necklaces and bracelets for men. We highly suggest you to check out more sites then choose the one which looks more reliable and which has received positive reviews.


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