Anne Dimon, TMR columnist, wellness travel writer and founder of, recently hosted a Travel Institute webinar on how to promote your wellness travel business. Here are four tips for marketing yourself and your expertise for maximum referrals.

1. Be confident
The first person you have to convince that you are an expert in wellness is yourself. If your experience in the industry doesn’t give you enough confidence, take some online courses to bolster your knowledge. The Travel Institute offers a well-being certification.

2. Leverage every opportunity
Let everyone in your network know that you specialize in wellness—not just your clients, but everyone, including suppliers, your local community, and traditional media. Does your specialty appear everywhere? Do your e-mail footer and business card reflect your wellness expertise? Is your website SEO- optimized for wellness key word searches?

Then reach out to suppliers. Companies like Healing Hotels of the World and Red Mountain Resort are looking for wellness travel professionals who have taken the Travel Institute certificate program.

3. Create content
Write articles and share them on your own site and on other websites that attract the audience to which you are trying to promote. Write an article for a client who can link back to your site, and interview a supplier or two. Post a client’s questions and answer them. Produce videos of places you visit, or tips from other experts. Good content goes a long way to showing your professionalism and status.

4. Socialize
With so many social media platforms, choose a handful. Dimon works mostly with Twitter, but also uses Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. She posts twice a day on her Twitter accounts. “Schedule them via Hootsuite. Always post with a voice of knowledge, experience and authority.”

Dimon is the publisher/editor of Travel to Wellness magazine, and writes for publications including Ignite Magazine, UP and The Affluent Traveler, as well as a monthly column for Travel Market Report.

Source: Travelmarketreport

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