Why wait for occasions to grab a designer salwar-kameez best suited for your body shape? With lots of varieties, styles, colour combinations available online, we have a wide range to choose from unlike the tiresome trips to the crowded shops having limited selections. Most online stores today get you the option to return back a product if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit your needs. In India you get a lot many occasions including weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, get together, festivals. Dressing styles vary with seasons. In hot summers more loose dresses are favoured while in winters more layers of clothing is worn in order to keep warm. Whatever is the season or time of the year salwar-kameez has been the favourite choice of Indians across states since long. With lot of different types available it is best to look through various designs and buy your favourite designer salwar kameez online.

Jacket over salwar

A nice jacket piece running over the kameez marks this style. The embroidery work on jackets makes it more appealing. Extending up to ankle height, the kameez comes with flares that give you a traditional look with a vintage flavour.

Anarkali varying heighted bottom finish

This anarkali type salwar kameez has a varying length at the bottom. It gives you the ease of walking without the need to lift up your kameez so that you won’t step on it and fall. The varying length with peculiar printing designs and embroidery work give you the best charm and you will surely be the point of attraction in a gathering may it be wedding reception or any other formal or informal occasions.

Pakistani salwar-kameez

Pakistani style salwar is straight cut with hardly any design work. The kameez is decorated with a fashion best suited for Pakistani attire. The hand pieces turn wider towards the palm. It is more of an anarkali style in both hands. The embroidery work is not overdone but subtly worked on with a few printings. The combination is simple but appealing.

Lehanga type

Are you wondering how this combination is made possible? Well it is really mesmerizing. The outfit is quite simple towards the bottom unlike the anarkali style which has flares. Not only it touches the floor, it hides your feet beneath the dressing. It gives you the best attractive look. So why wait; get your designer salwar kameez online soon before it goes out of stock.

Floor length anarkali

We know what the anarkali style is. How would it look if we extend the length of the same to touch the floor? The best part is the embroidery work towards the bottom. The silk work starts at a height where the normal anarkali style ends and continues till the floor. It is available in a splash of variable colours providing an exotic traditional feel.

Cape style

Have you seen a cape overlay over kameez? Cape style is derived a bit from the Britain styled wedding. The kameez is quite long extending just inches above the floor. It will help you be the main attraction in weddings of any type.

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