Every Bride Need To Know These Answer Before Shop For Her Wedding Lehenga

Wedding lehenga, one of the essential items of wedding shopping that takes most of the time and efforts. And why not, it’s your special day and every eye will look at your appearance. You definitely need the best one for yourself and this brings a lot more confusion. To help you out, we have listed down a few more questions and their answers that make your shopping experience amazing. Whether you are ordering your bridal lehenga choli online or buying it from the shop, let’s dive deep into it:

 Cream Red Art Silk Circular Lehenga
Source : Cream Red Art Silk Circular Lehenga

Question #1. How long before the wedding should I begin my search?

Ideally, the search for the wedding lehenga must begin before 6 months of the wedding and other functions. You might need to customize your lehenga. And if you don’t have sufficient time, consider to get a readymade lehenga and get it altered perfectly of your size.


 Image : Red Silk Satin Circular Lehenga
Source : Red Silk Satin Circular Lehenga

 Question #2. What are the first places to start looking for the bridal lehenga?

While wedding exhibitions are a great way to begin your hunt. Wedding exhibition usually has a mix of wedding vendors, skilful designers, famous boutiques, talented artisan and much more. However, you can also consider to buy Indian wedding dresses online as it helps you to get an idea of the latest trends and price points.

 Cream Art Silk Circular Lehenga
Source : Cream Art Silk Circular Lehenga

Question #3. What other colour you can choose other than red or pink?

Pastel colours are in huge demand this season and offer a huge variety to brides to let go of red. The best thing is, it looks perfect on every woman and you can also accessorize them b determining how heavy or subtle appearance you want to achieve. You can also search online for the brides who wore other than red or pink on their wedding day.

 Red Silk Satin Circular Lehenga
Source : Red Silk Satin Circular Lehenga


Question #4. What are the necessary things I should pay attention to during the fittings?

When it comes to the fitting of the wedding lehenga, make sure to carry the heels that you are going to wear on your wedding day. Heels are one of the essential elements to achieve the perfect length of the lehenga. Also, ensure that the function might demand you to slightly bend down, therefore, it is always better to go in for a neckline that you will feel comfortable.

While giving the fitting, make sure you can bend properly and are able to move your arms completely up and down, master the walking with heels and bear it for 8 long hours before the actual wedding function.

 Maroon Velvet Fish Cut Lehenga
Source: Maroon Velvet Fish Cut Lehenga

Question #5. Why do people say that one must buy the wedding jewellery before the lehenga?

Yes, it is in this case because the jewellery of your wedding day is a lot more expensive than the wedding lehenga. That’s why it is always better to buy the jewellery than the lehenga so that you can match your dress with your accessories.

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