Designer suit for men

There are several ways we can differentiate designer suits for men. The two key ways however include their use and their style. Let’s introduce you and describe you some of the key styles of suits for men

Classicclassic suits consist of a coat and a matching pair of trousers. What differentiate them is primarily the quality and the fabric used for making them. A good suit would help emphasize the strong qualities and hide the bad qualities of the body, while creating a sleek and elegant overall effect. Classic suits can be used for daily work, business meetings, and dinners or even for going out. If someone plans to buy designer suits for men, it’s best suggested to always visit a tailor to have it specifically tailored to the wearer’s body.

3-Piece : the classic suit coming with an added vest. The vest serves multiple functions. It can add an extra edge of elegance to the whole outlook. In wintertime however it serves as an additional coat and can help protect the wearer from cold.

Designer suits for men

Special occasions : suits for special occasions are generally made with darker tones which vary from grey to black and from burgundy or deep blue. The two key distinguishing factors are the added elements, for instance silk to the collar and at the end of the sleeves and the fabric which is softer and better in quality.

Tuxedo : the key thing differentiating a Tuxedo from a regular suit is that it contains added satin elements especially on the facing of the lapels, buttons and also on the pocket trim. It’s further enhanced featuring satin stripes down on the legs of the trousers. For the greater effect, Tuxedo is generally worn with a bow tie made out of sating all the same.

Indian style Jodhpuri suit : featuring added traditional modest elements combined with the modern characteristics of western style suits, the Jodhpuri style suit is generally closed high right underneath the neck area, creating a uniform like effect. It can feature an additional standing collar. This modest style suit can be worn for any formal occasions, weddings, balls or business meetings. This is also the reason why this style is also featured in light or even white color paired up with a white pair of trousers. Traditionally Jodhpuri suits are made out of elegant fabric such as satin, brocade or silk. As an added benefit, due to the fact that this suit is totally closed it serves as a full-on top, therefore there is no need for additional shirt. Tie is not worn with this style at all.

Suits, apart from those for special occasions are extremely versatile and make a very elegant, sophisticated yet casual appearance. As an added bonus, if you want to go for something more casual, you can wear only the coat of the suit and pair it up with jeans too. Some tailored suits look fantastic when worn with a Garbo high-neck shirt or pullover. Buy designer suits for men for a good price in our online store.

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