Wear a White Bandana, Because We Are All #TiedTogether

BoF invites you to wear a white bandana to join the #TiedTogether movement and make a clear statement in support of solidarity, human unity and inclusiveness amidst growing uncertainty and a dangerous narrative peddling division.

February 9, 2017

3 Tips for Balancing Swim Life and Academic Life

While the season for Olympic athletes has come to a close, it has only just begun for many high school, age group, and collegiate athletes. The start of a new season also brings a new academic year. The dedication required for swimming and academics

Have we been wrong about life’s origin?

For nearly nine decades, science’s favorite explanation for the origin of life has been the “primordial soup”. This is the idea that life began from a series of chemical reactions in a warm pond on Earth’s surface, triggered by an external en

Why An All-Girls Trip Is a Complete Healing Therapy!

Whether it’s a break up that we’re trying to get over or a break from the long tiring job, taking an all girls’ trip is something which works better than anything else.

This is not just because you can be you in front of your sisters’ but