Wedding season is here! Every woman has always dreamt of looking gorgeous on their special day. After all, they have been waiting for this days since from their childhood. Every bride wants to look classy from tips to toe.and of course, no one wants to make any silly mistake which can steal their look. every lehenga gives a different appearance. Check out few of the amazing tips to follow while choosing an outstanding lehenga for your special day. Let’s have a look:

#1. Pick the fabric related to season

The wedding day is the most essential yet a very hectic day of life. And in such conditions, applauds for the bride who still manages to look astonishing and happy. Whether you are choosing your bridal lehenga choli online or from the market, remember how much you are comfortable in that lehenga because heavy or improperly stitched outfits will bring a sense of uncomfortness among you. Choose the fabric that goes well with the season. The right fabric will make you sense more comfortable and offer an appealing appearance.

#2. Work on swirl

You might have aware of the fact that lehengas have an awesome swirl that no other attire can beat. The number of pleats, the better swirl and more confident you look. Every bride looks wonderful in large kalidar lehengas. Choose readymade lehenga choli for your special day which has huge gheras. Be the stylish Dulhan and flaunt your unique style with a beautiful lehenga that gives you an astonishing appearance.

#3. Colours do all the magic

Be the happy bride by choosing the happy colours. Red, pink and golden is few of the colours that look amazingly awesome on every bride. Choose the one that reflects your style and personality. Know your skin tone and try to brighten it up. You can also go with the pastel colour that is sure to turn every head around you and give you a stunning look.

#4. Lightweight yet stunning work

It takes almost 12 hours to complete the rituals and hustle of the wedding ceremony. And in such hectic days, picking too heavy lehenga will give you an extra tension and will steal the charm from your face. To get a glorious look, remember to choose a lehenga in which you remain the most comfortable one. Remember. Lightweight lehenga with stunning work also do the magic and is sure to give it an alluring look.

#5. Apply trends while Draping the dupatta

Check out the fashion online, TV and magazine and take a fashion from contemporary brides. These days, double dupatta and layering one is the latest trend. Make a style statement by adding double dupatta. You can also go with the saree style lehenga and highlight your curvy figure that makes you look brighter and gorgeous than ever.

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