The main types of antique necklaces

If you are not familiar with fine jewellery but you’d love to look around and buy one or more antique or vintage silver necklace online, there are a couple of key styles which you should familiarize yourself with. And we are here to get to learn about some typical styles of antique silver jewellery or antique gold jewellery specifically necklaces.

silver necklace

According to archaeological findings necklace is the oldest style of wearing jewellery and decorate ourselves. No wonder that there are so many types and styles in use. Per decoration we can differentiate 4 key styles of necklaces:

  • Base necklace that awaits for one or more pendants to add highlight to it.
  • Necklace which comes with pendant or gemstones already incorporated.
  • Chained or plated necklaces with the chained ideal for bearing a pendant.
  • Beaded necklaces which can come with a pendant or smaller drop like hangers already incorporated.

Let’s see he most popular vintage and antique style necklaces all of which are still in use today depending on the actual trend.

Bayadére : A very particular style necklace that’s both beaded and braided. It consists of multiple 5-10 strands of miniature pears, turquoise or other gem- or semi gemstones and the strands are braided or twisted together to give the necklace a very particular, elegant appearance. It was especially popular in the beginning of the 20th century, it’s nicest form is white and it can come incorporated with a pendant that can be a stone, or a cameo.

The Bib necklace : A lesser known style which is very unique and artistic, specially for those who like statement jewelery. Its shape can be circular to triangular and it covers the whole upper chest from the collarbones. It’s generally consider of many strands of stones that are set to be uneven in size and their whole effect is cascade-like. This style is one of the oldest style statement necklaces, dating back to the 7th century. The most beautiful designs are those which feature lots of gemstones or semi-precious stones/crystals of a great colour such as turquoise. The Bib is also called waterfall or fringe necklace

The choker necklace : With its tight fitting around the neck, chokers were long used by ladies to hide the signs of many things, from weight, to scars or ageing. The ones feature metal stones in frames are the most used for statement pieces. Ribbon encrusted gem stones featuring velvet or lace instead of metal were the keys to the birth of today’s chokers too. One definite style is a choker that’s featuring a large stone on the front. Be aware that the sub-type dog collar is not exactly the same as the choker. Similarly to choker however ladies started to wear this to hide the wrinkles or scars on their necks.

The Collier : This collar style means everything from single to multi-layered pieces which are worn around the collarbone area. It can come in various styles it’s key characteristic is that each one surrounds the neck however it’s not on the neck. Although it looks great it’s probably the most uncomfortable style out of all.

There are tons of beautiful style necklaces out there to choose from. Choose the ones which fit best to your style and which you can wear with most of your garments.

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