I was not close to my sister during our childhood. We used to fight a lot over small-small things. My parents used to beat me just because of her. Ohh gosh!! I used to hate her at that time. She was the closest to my father and he used to take her side every time. I still remember, he brought Pakistani salwar kameez for her. He was on his office tour and didn’t bring anything special for me. One t-shirt for me and plenty of other gifts for her. There was this home kit toy in a box. She used to play all the time with that kit. Even she made me play doctor’s role uncountable times. Though I never liked it but it was a good time pass for me.

We grew up together and we were in the same school. She is two years elder to me. With time, we started sharing a lot of things and this sharing helped us to develop a good relationship. I love to tease her time to time. I had spent almost a quarter of my life with her but the time has come when she will leave for her second house. Her marriage is fixed. I realized all these emotions after her wedding is fixed.

Our family is very happy and they have started the preparation of the wedding. All the responsibility has come on my shoulder. So I started with buying a notebook where I can write the things that are required. From booking palace to buying gifts for guests, I wrote down everything. The things were going great then this idea hits in my mind. The idea of giving her a special gift on her wedding day. I don’t know much about the girls’ shopping. So I started to search on the Google to find an appropriate and valuable gift.

I read plenty of blogs and articles about the gift that girls like. Some were suggesting a teddy and others were suggesting suits. I like the idea of giving her a beautiful saree. I searched for different type of sarees and the most beautiful one was art silk saree.

I typed the art silk sarees online in the search box and it came out with a plethora of results. I visited the topmost results and compared the different pieces. Reviews helped me to choose one beautiful saree. I showed it to my mom secretly. Even she liked the dress but she was not sure of the quality. I ordered it a little bit earlier. If there is any problem with it then I will able to exchange it but the dress was really beautiful and of well quality. We hid it from my sister and on the day wedding, I gifted her this saree in full dramatic style.

I wrapped the saree and kept it inside the bigger box. Then I wrapped this box and kept it inside another box. I did this process 10 times. After the ceremony when I gave her this gift she was extremely happy and tired because of the unboxing. Everyone laughed a lot. Though I opened the 8 boxes it was worth it. The smile was bigger on her face when she saw the saree. I still remember the smile and the hug that she gave me after receiving that gift. Maybe it was not about the gift, it was all about the relationship and our bond.

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