6 celebrity-approved fashion looks to try this summer

Despite what the Starks keep proclaiming (when not being brutally massacred by treacherous former friends and wedding guests), winter is not coming anytime soon. Dealing with the unforgiving Indian summer requires you to unearth those pastel cottons and diaphanous dresses. When it comes to easy brunch outings or a cocktail party you cannot miss, Bollywood celebrities and their stylists are ready to serve you loads of inspiration by way of their numerous public outings. Sonakshi Sinha, Jacqueline Fernandez and company gave us a little preview on how to dress this summer, whether you’re out shopping with the girls or slaying red carpets. And for women who can’t part with black despite the obvious temperature control issues, Diana Penty has a workaround.

When we were probably figuring out the intricacies of basic mathematics (or whatever seven-year-olds get up to), designer Zara Umrigar was sketching what would go on to become her label’s first collection. The Mumbai-based designer re-discovered her passion for all things fashion when she went to study at the London School of Economics and, self-admittedly, fell in love with London’s urban aesthetic. Her royal lineage, and her mother’s 30-year-old patronage and practice of traditional chikankari, has shaped her label’s vintage and classic design philosophy.


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