5 Types of Salwar You Need to Buy Today

India is the seventh largest country in the world. Along with that, it has a varied culture, language, food, lifestyle, and traditions. With different cultures come different clothing. And that is where Salwar suits come into picture.

Salwar in simple words are a pair of loose pants that are tied around your waist and taper down around your ankles and are commonly worn by women in South Asia. Believed to have originated with the Mughal rule, salwar kameez that was previously only popular in Punjab has gradually trickled down into other cultures as well. Today, salwar kameez is worn by people of all ages; it has been incorporated into school uniforms; it is worn on special occasions; it is also used as formals in workplaces. Whether you buy party wear salwar suits or go for uniforms, you can manage to pull them off anyway.

There was a time when salwars exclusively meant pants that loosely taper down at the end of the leg. Today however, with more and more culture assimilation, there are more designs available that have been embraced by women in India.

Some of the types are as follows:

Dhoti Salwars

A garment usually worn by male Hindus, dhoti is a piece of material similar to sarees that is wrapped around the waist and covers most of your legs. The style has recently been incorporated in women’s wardrobes as well. These salwars have a number of u-shaped pleats on the outside of the leg. Today, dhoti salwars are worn with a variety of options like short and long kurtis; they can even be paired up with crop tops for an indo-western look.

Churidar salwar

These type of salwars are worn to highlight the contours of your legs. Tighter than what a typical salwar would be, churidar salwars are longer than the length of your leg so that at the bottom there are bangle like pleats formed. These are worn by women as well as men.

Patiala Salwar

This type of salwar is very popular in Punjab and has, as time has gone by, Patiala salwars have become immensely popular among women. It requires a lengthy fabric in order to create its billowy appearance. A patiala suit looks best when it is paired with a short kurti and a chunni.

Harem salwar

Although this is a very “2008 look”, it isn’t hard to see why harem salwar remain popular and relevant still.easy to get confused with Aladdin pants, but harem salwars do not have strict cuffs like Aladdin pants do. Instead, they are more open and airy, providing more leg space for you to move in.

Palazzo Salwars

A way of pulling off straight cut salwar kameez is to pair it off with palazzo salwars. These not only lok graceful but also stylish . falling parallel to the frame of your legs, these give the illusion of you wearing a skirt but are easier to move around in because they are essentially pants. These can not only be worn with tops, but also kurtis and can be designed according to how fancy you want them to be.

How many of these do you have? Tell us by commenting down below!

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