5 Haircuts For Men That Are Going To Take The Season

Who says men compromise with their fashion statements? The lads of today are taking everything quite sincerely in the rage of feeling good about themselves. They are altering their fashion trends and making an unbeatable leash on the world. Well, beards are still in fashion after making a massive impact on youth to middle aged men, they all are getting intrigued with the fashion senses.

However, men when it comes to their haircut gets oblivious and trigger with the wrong notch. The Haircut is a big makeover and a transition for your personality. A good haircut can turn many eyes on  you guys. So, what are you waiting for? We tell you the 5 basic hair trends that are not going anywhere this year.

1. Fade:


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Go fade this season. Fade style has been popular among men and boys lately. This hairstyle allows men to style their hair on top in any possible way they want. Fade has been a classic basic hairstyle that comes in mid, low and high. You can ask your barber to cut the back and sides short by hair clippers. This is certainly the trend maker in the style brigade where the sides are shorter or trimmed and long hair on the top comparatively. So, guys ace up with fade this season.

2. Undercut:

undercut hairstyle

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The undercut hair is possibly the short hair on the sides, but the hair on top remains long like fade. For any hair from wavy, curly to straight hair, there is an undercut hairdo for everyone.  There are mainly two types of undercuts called disconnected and faded. The fade undercut tapers the slowly until you reach to the top, however faded undercut makes your hair on the sides one length and assembles with a sharp contract with your hair on top.

3. Pompadour:

Pompadour hairstyle

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Pompadour features short hair on the top and back of the head with altered long hair on the top. This haircut is unique as it accentuates the hair on the front top being dense and voluminized. Grabbed from Elvis Parsley, King of the Rock this haircut is making the buzz among men. Pompadour is one of the top hairstyles of men from past 50 years.

4. Men bun:

men bun

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Yes, men with bun are also not lacking behind in making the perfect style statement. Men having long to medium hair can get transformed with this cool hair trend. So, if you decide to sport a bun, carry the confidence and make that easy rolling over you. Men with bun looks hot and have an oomph factor. 2015, was the years when the men bun exploded in the fashion scene. Take recommendations and get transitioned with hair bun this season.

5. Side part:

side part hairstyle

Source: hairstyleonpoint.com

Side parting is nothing new to a man’s hairstyle. It has been in fashion from quite a time now and do not lack in acing up the man’s classic best. It is one of the neat look that makes them a gentleman without a doubt. There are modern variations also of side parting, however, if you have thick and straight voluminous hair you can go ahead and unleash this look to the world. A clue of side part to your barber or hair stylist and he knows how to turn the scissor on your hair.

These haircuts are here to stay!

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