It is 2018 and here’s the deal, it is not just important to make sure that you are a well dressed individual, you have to make sure that you child keeps up[ with you too. How do you think North West became such an iconic person to look at? It is because she is styled every single day by her mother Kim Kardashian West and honestly, I would definitely wear the clothes that Northie does. It is not just important for your child to look fashionable for the sake of it, but also so that while growing up he or she can realise that keeping a certain kind of appearance not only helps you in exuding confidence, but also expressing yourself in the most healthy way possible. There might even be a chance that you child takes so much interest in fashion that she or he ends up becoming a fashionista!

2018 is all about trends, like it has always been. Thus, we bring to you some of the trends that you can follow this time to make your kid shine thoroughly!


Buy suits, I mean girls’ salwar kameez. That sounds pretty mainstream because hello! That is a daily wear for most indian women, but have you seen a child sport a salwar kameez? An easy to wear and easy to handle clothing, it can turn into an iconic fashion piece if you team it right. You can always mix and match them by pairing salwars with short tops, and kameez with a pair of jeans.


Pinafore dresses or Jumpsuits are probably the easiest things that your child can wear on a wild picnic day. It is so easy and practical to have the child wear a one piece that can be buttoned up simply by popping in a few buttons. The child can run around in the heat of the summer without having to worry about his or her clothes. Additionally, have you seen kids in pinafore dresses? So adorable!

Tulle Skirts

Now this is something that no mother can help but crush on. Poofy and light, these skirts are light and can be easily handled by the kids. Have them wear a simple pair of leggings and spaghetti straps, and just pop on a tulle skirt, not only will your child look adorable but will also look elegant. As the time passes and the child grows up, you will have lesser and lesser opportunity in having a say in what your kids wear, so make the best of what you have right now!

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Lehenga Choli

While you are buying Indian wedding dresses for yourself, look for a mini version for you child. After all, a well structured lehenga choli never hurt anyone and makes the children look elegant and ready to play at the wedding!

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