One of the most popular outfits that have become immensely popular in India is the salwar suit, not only because they look flattering on women but also because they are easy to work in. The freedom of movement the pair has provided over the years has made it incredibly easy for people to make it a part of their everyday wardrobe. You look around you, and almost every other woman you see will be dressed in a saree, a pair of pants, or salwar kameez.

Traditionally, an outfit belonging to women of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana, this pair has its roots in central and south asia and is a staple dress for both men and women in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

There are three separate pieces involved in a basic salwar kameez- the pants that may be loose or tight, according to your preference, a long shirt, and a piece of cloth that can be tied around the head, or around the waist i.e. the dupatta. In the modern times, the dupatta is used as an accessory, or sometimes completely done away with. In order to give it a westernized twist.

Here are some of the types of salwar kameez that will help you in distinguishing between the groups easily if you are ever on a path to salwar kameez online shopping:

Patiala Salwar Kameez:

As the name suggests, this type originated in the state of Punjab, in Patiala. The salwar has a style that is loose and baggy and forms pleats in such a manner that it makes the shape of a U. paired with a short kameez, this type is especially popular among women who fall in the younger age bracket.


Every pair of salwar kameez is designed in such a manner that the name reflects the style that might exist with it. Take for example churidaar salwar kameez- the salwar is designed in such a manner that the length of the leg portion is long enough to collect at the ankles and form pleats in the form of bangles, hence the name churidaar where churi stands for bangles. These type of suits look great on women of all ages and all shapes and sizes provided that they have been designed in the right manner.

Fancy Suits:

These are the kinds that are usually worn on weddings or occasions that are similarly important like these. Heavily adorned with zari, sequin and intricately embroidered, these designs have so much work and are so heavy that it is easy to see why these would be kept separately for special occasions. There are many bollywood salwar kameez that have inspired many wedding dresses and the trend has definitely not disappointed anyone until now.

These are the three types of salwar suits that you can get made if you are ever interested in Indian culture and wish to imbibe in yourself an element of the same in your routine.

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